Matt and Denise Finley

Peter Tomlinson, piano
Don Miller, bass
Peter O'Brien, drums

  You know us! Or do you?
      Denise Jordan Finley, award-winning singer/songwriter, and
      Matt Finley, Brazilian jazz fl├╝gelhorn artist and leader of
      Rio JAZZ.

  What's going on?
      We are combining our songwriting talents. Denise is writing
      lyrics to sing Matt's jazz compositions, and Matt is writing
      jazz arrangements for Denise's compositions. We are
      meeting in the middle to record this music.

  Look who's recording with us:
      Recording artists Peter Tomlinson (piano), Don Miller (bass)
      Peter O'Brien (drums), Joel Rosenblatt (drums), and our engineer, Mark Dann.

  Here's more:
      Matt and Denise on Facebook
      Matt and Denise on Hudson Valley Music
      Denise Jordan Finley's website
      Matt Finley's website
      We plan to have singles available for preview and purchase. TBA

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